The Old Oilhouse

Mar 26 2020 83 mins 1.5k

We are a Transformers based Podcast that does a monthly roundtable discussion show, with two smaller shows on the side. We also deal with other 80's properties and will be expanding our outlook very very soon.

Art of Noise - Episode 33: More Than Meets Your Auditory Function
Jun 24 2017 198 mins  
Please send questions, comments and suggestions to @BeatlesDiva on Twitter Leave a comment and join in on the fun! Twitter: @TheOldOilhouse This week's featured songs: “Transformers Animated Theme” from TF Animated “The Coronation” by Vince DiCola from Transformers: The Movie ('86) “Roll Out” by Miracle of Sound “Transformers Prime Theme” by Brian Tyler “The Touch” by Xenturion Prime Feat. Truls Haugen “Angry Birds Transformers Theme” by Vince DiCola and Kenny Meredith “War, War Stop It” by Shitamichi Kyodai from Beast Wars 2 “Halleluyah” by Hironobu Kageyama, Mitsuko Horie & Ba-Bi-Bu-Be-Bombers from Beast Wars Neo “The Ballad of Optimus Prime” by Luke Ski “Rescue Presentation” from Rescue Bots “The Humbling River” by Puscifer from The Fall of Cybertron game “Menosaur” from Devastation game “This is McFeely” by Urizen “Transform” by Next of Kin “Scorponok” by Steve Jablaonsky from Transformers “Do You Realize” by Ursine Vulpine from Transformers: Last Knight “Dare” by Stan Bush from Transformers: The Movie ('86) Special Phone Call with Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy Thanks to all the podcasters who made this show possible! Please follow them! TF Nation Podcast @Grufflock Transmissions @cpshelton @CybertronBeast @yakk0dotorg @YousephTanha Radio Free Cybertron Underbase/Pull Bag Comic Book Crossover @TFG1Mike @LadyOfWreck @Ha-HeePrime [email protected] @Vange1us Moonbase 2 Podcast @CCTFW @IrishPalaeo Welcome to Kima @Darkageis @Tricky1414

Art of Noise - Episode 31: Reel Love
Feb 14 2017 68 mins  
Nic wishes you a Happy Valentine's Day by giving you some of her favorite love songs from the movies. Thanks to TFG1Mike for helping with the intro and outro. Hope y'all have a great day of love! Please send questions, comments and suggestions to @BeatlesDiva on Twitter Leave a comment and join in on the fun! Twitter: @TheOldOilhouse 2009 - "You Make My Dreams" from "500 Days of Summer" performed by Hall and Oats 1993 - "All For Love" from "The Three Musketeers" performed Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart and Sting 1961 - "Can't Help Falling in Love" from "Blue Hawaii" performed by Elvis Presley 2001 - "St. Vitus' Dance" from "A Knight's Tale" performed by Carter Burwell and Orchestra 1990 - "It Must Have Been Love" from "Pretty Woman" performed by Roxette 1971 - "Don't Be Shy" by from "Harold and Maude" performed by Cat Stevens 1989 - "In Your Eyes" from "Say Anything" performed by Peter Gabriel 2004 - "Accidently in Love" from "Shrek 2" performed by Counting Crows 1986 - "Glory of Love" from "Karate Kid Part II" performed by Peter Cetera 1943 - "As Time Goes By" from "Casablanca" by Dooley Wilson 2000 - "Someday Out of the Blue" from "Road to El Dorado" performed by Elton John 1998 - "Grow Old with You" from "The Wedding Singer" performed by Adam Sandler 1995 - "If I Had Words" from "Babe" performed by Keill'i Rechiel 1968 - "Romeo and Juliet" performed by André Rieu 1987 - "Storybook Love" from "Princess Bride"

Lock-In 92 - Are You Going To Auto Assembly?
Aug 01 2012 63 mins  
Are you going to Auto Assembly?Robots and beer and whisky and wine;Remember me to ones who went there,For once it was a true of mine.Ask her to make me a Wreckers shirt,Robots and Beer and Whisky and Wine;Without any seam or needlework,Then Amy may take this wallet of mine.Tell me why I've came to this place,Robots and toys and mead and wine;I could have gone to outer space,And not been this hungover this time.Tell Timey to put down the hammer,Robots and Toys and Mead And Wine;KingGrimmy's Skystalkers are filling my mind,One day I pray they shall be mine.Now he has asked me questions three,Robots and Dom and Mead and Wine;I could not answer as I cannot see,What did I do with my pint this time?Tell him to buy me an boxed OverlordGlenn and Phil and Jii and WineBetwixt The Cool Stuff and Kapow's Stalls,When I get to Toy Fu He'll hear my callsTell him to plough it with a ram's horn,Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme;And sow it all over with one pepper corn,And he shall be a true lover of mine.Tell him to take my small amount of money,Andy and Mikey and Paul oh my;And I'll plead and cry and wail and weepAs I cuddle my half complete Magnus and sleepTell him to thrash it on yonder wall,Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme,And never let one corn of it fall,Then he shall be a true lover of mine.When Simon has done and finished his work.With Lots of Beer and Whisky and Wine:Oh, tell him to come and he'll have his shirt,And Amy may take this wallet of mine.

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