The History of England

Jun 30 2019 67.7k

This is my retelling of the story of England, in a regular, chronological podcast, from the cataclysmic end of Roman Britain, all the way through to the present day. I’m a bloke in a shed, so this is not a dry retelling of events; I make sure this is good, properly prepared history, but I fill it with my love and enthusiasm, and some of the things that make me laugh. You’ll find the great events and people for sure – but also some of the byways, of how people lived, their language, and the forces that shaped their lives and destinies.

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durthacht Sep 30 2020
Wonderful. Both educational and entertaining.

Johndogless Sep 29 2020
Absolutely fantastic. Funny and informative

Luke Sep 10 2020

Accolyte Sep 05 2020
Absolutely superb series tracing the history of England. Beautifully explained, analysed and interpreted, often with a touch of humour and pineapples.

AMK Jul 26 2020
Very informatve

TuesdayGirl65 Jul 02 2020
Narrator is EXCELLENT! You can tell he is really into it. Great, enthusiasm! Makes me love English History even more! Love love love! Thank you (ps this is not his mum)

George Jun 12 2020
Really well researched historical podcast. Much as with Mike Duncan's History of Rome podcast, it grants you an overview and a context sorely missed in BBC documentaries and textbooks. Duncan is better, but HoE has the advantage of not being American, and therefore the jokes are actually amusing. It's the thought that counts.

remarkableape Jun 07 2020
The history of England through a very personable man in a shed. Full of insight, gentle wit and dad jokes. A great and honest journey through history of Kings, peasants and gentry. We'll worth the heavy investment of time.

fendeviper May 10 2020
Fantastic long-running history podcast. Informative & amusing!

Netanel May 05 2020
Best in the field of UK history podcasts. Funny too

interstition Apr 12 2020
This is the original and unsurpassed pod an English history. Packed with entertainment, humor, but especially well researched facts as correct as the sources allow. Excellent!