Changelog - June 05, 2021

Play Season

If a podcast you listen to supports the season tag, you can now long press on an episode and select Play Season.
The app will then add the full list of episodes of the selected season to the custom playlist and play them from old to new starting by the selected episode.

Depending on your settings, the app might only add downloaded episodes. This will depend on the following setting: Settings/Playlist/Allow streaming.

This setting might be really useful for a podcast like Business Wars.

Chapter filter

You can now go in a podcast Custom settings if you want to automatically filter chapters by keywords.
For example, some podcasts are creating chapters for their sponsor or their theme. You can use this feature to filter them automatically.

When the app finds a matching chapter it will automatically mute it, so the chapter can be skipped during playback.


  • Chapter extraction improvement for ogg vorbis/opus files.
  • You can know long press on a chapter to share the episode URL that will include the chapter playback position
  • Lots of small performance optimizations.

Bug fixes

  • Bug causing duplicated episodes when subscribing to a Youtube channel. You will have ti reset the podcast or unsubscribe/resubscribe to fix this
  • Minor fixes.