Changelog - December 30, 2023

Playlist export: Playback on Sonos, BlueSound, Amazon Echo, and UPnP devices

You can now export your playlist from the Play list screen option menu. This result in a .m3u file that you can share with a third-party app like BubbleUPnP to then listen to the playlist on non-Chromecast compatible devices such as Sonos, BlueSound, Amazon Echo, and UPnP devices.
Please note that this doesn't mean Podcast Addict natively supports these devices yet, but it offers a workaround to enjoy your podcasts on a broader range of devices.
For more information about this feature and its limitations, please refer to this FAQ.

As always feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Minor Updates

  • Partial rewrite of the Playlist management for improved performance and stability.
  • Improved the algorithm for extracting chapters from episode show notes.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the episode description screen would reset its scrolling position whenever new episodes were fetched by the app.
  • Resolved a problem that was preventing the display of some chapter images.
  • Addressed a bug that affected the visibility of bookmarks in the Bookmarks screen, especially when filtered by podcast or category.
  • Minor bug fixes.