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May 28 2020 51 mins 823

Sometimes it seems like you need Ninja skills to defeat Lyme disease. Join acupuncturist Mackay Rippey and his producer, Aurora, as they bring you interviews with interesting and informative people who are using their unique skills and knowledge to deal with Lyme and other tick born diseases. My name is Mackay Rippey, I'm an acupuncturist in Clinton, NY ( the host of Lyme Ninja Radio. I'll never forget the Sunday morning I dragged my sorry-feeling-self to the bathroom and found a perfectly formed bullseye on my left arm. I was lucky, able to return to my acupuncture practice after only few days. It's possible to beat the bacteria that are making you sick. I have and so have many others, but you have to be smarter than Lyme. That's why I created Lyme Ninja Radio. Join us as we talk to some of the most interesting people in the Lyme community.

#274: Jenn Gladysz - The Carnivore Diet For Lyme Disease
May 21 2020 54 mins  
In 2009 Keith developed pain in his neck after a fall from a horse. He did all the usual things to heal a sore neck but didn't improve. The pain lingered and started to travel to other parts of his body. At this point we suspected there might be something else going on. After seeing a number of different doctors over two years, Keith was finally tested for Lyme in 2011. He tested positive and was given the usual 3-week course of antibiotics. He improved for a short time but then his symptoms returned. Several doctors denied he was still sick and told us there was nothing they could do. He continued to decline. Then Keith saw a top infectious disease doctor at Columbia Hospital, who re-tested him. The doctor said the test was negative for Lyme (with one band showing) and that there was no such thing as Chronic Lyme. He suggested that it was all in Keith's head. It was totally demoralizing. Once we re-grouped from that experience, we continued to look for help. Keith saw an osteopath and the treatment was helpful but he was still in a lot of pain. The osteopath agreed that there are some people with Lyme who, even after the 3-week course of antibiotics, are still sick. Just this validation was huge for us. The osteopath was willing to give Keith 6-weeks of antibiotics to see if it would help but he wouldn't give more, as he was afraid to lose his medical license. The antibiotics seemed to help for awhile but then Keith got worse again. Then we heard of a Chinese herbalist who was having good luck treating Lyme patients. Keith would drive several hours once a month for his appointments, to get herbs. Keith tried this for several months with some improvement but no lasting results. Thankfully, before we could try any of those, I stumbled upon two books that helped set us on the right path, Cannabis for Lyme Disease & Related Conditions: Scientific Basis and Anecdotal Evidence for Medicinal Use by Shelley M White and Healing Lyme: Natural Healing of Lyme Borreliosis and the Coinfections Chlamydia and Spotted Fever Rickettsiosis by Stephen Harrod Buhner. Out of desperation, I designed a protocol for Keith from what I learned. Within couple weeks of starting this new protocol we knew we were on the right track. He stopped getting worse and actually started to improve. He stopped taking antibiotics and then after a year, stopped taking the herbs. His health had stabilized and but his health had not been restored. Still in research mode, I read about the Keto diet, which sounded crazy at first but we took a leap of faith and decided to give it a try. Within a few weeks Keith started to feel better.

#251: Beth O'Hara - The Most Important Detox Pathway You've Never Heard Of
Nov 01 2019 72 mins  
In this episode you will learn three things. 1) Why it’s important to start with elimination when starting to detox. 2) What glucaronidation is and why it’s the most important part of detoxification. 3) How toxicity activates your mast cells Beth O’Hara is a Functional Naturopath, specializing in complex chronic health conditions related to Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Histamine Intolerance, including Mold Toxicity, post-Lyme Mast Cell Activation, Chemical Sensitivities, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, and Autism Spectrum Disorders. She is the founder and owner of Mast Cell 360, a Functional Naturopathy Practice designed to look at all factors surrounding health conditions – genetic, biochemical, emotional, and environmental. She designed Mast Cell 360 to be the kind of practice she wished had existed when she was severely ill with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. Through her Mast Cell 360 Root Cause process, her clients regain their health and get their lives back. She holds a doctorate in Functional Naturopathy, a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and a Bachelor's degree in Physiological Psychology, She is certified in Functional Genomic Analysis and is a Research Adviser for the Nutrigenetic Research Institute. She presents at Functional Medicine Conferences on Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Histamine Intolerance as well as training Functional Medicine practitioners in the use of genetics and biochemistry in these chronic health conditions.

#55: Lyme Expert - Dan De Lion - Herbalist, Survivalist, Naturalist
Nov 22 2015 50 mins  
Dan De Lion is an Earth Herbalist, Forager, Musician, and Teacher dedicated to working with Nature. He teaches through Return to Nature, providing classes, lectures, and seminars on wild food foraging, mushroom identification, herbal medicine making, as well as primitive and survival skills with a focus on wild foods and forest medicines. Dan grew up in a life full of exposure to plants in the herb and vegetable garden which his mother grew. He began mushroom hunting at 20 years old, and soon realized that wild plants could also be foraged, and received his formal herbalist training in 2010 from Heart Stone herbal school in Van Etten, NY. That same year, he started his business Return to Nature as a vehicle for sharing his passion for herbal medicine and his outreach to build a community with a deeper expression of Nature as a continual and abundant provider of nourishment, medicine and spiritual connection. In his herbal and spiritual explorations, he has also traveled across the world, to India, South America, and many places in the United States seeking and sitting with teachers and guides who have deeply expanded his knowledge about herbal healing, deeper perspectives on causes of illness, and working in respect with the natural world. Teaching with a deep passion to inspire children and adults alike to return to nature and remember that there is deep treasure around each and every corner of life, Dan teaches through hands on mentoring with focus on engaging the senses in and with nature to create and bridge a deep connection to the earth and our immediate surroundings

#42: Lyme Ninja – Alison Marchese Perch - Lymie Moms Unite
Nov 22 2015 49 mins  
Alison Perch was very young when she contracted Lyme. As a child she started suffering from migraines and by the time she was in 7th grade her neurological symptoms forced her out of school. For years she had a laundry list of physical and neurological symptoms that kept getting worse throughout her teens and into her 20s. She was 27 when she was finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease. And spent years after that getting treatment, getting married, herxing, relapsing, and getting better again. After she had gotten married she wanted to start a family, but was worried about transmitting the disease to her child. A family member volunteered to be a surrogate, and she was able to have a baby girl. However her Lyme literate doctor wanted to test her child just in case, and 14 days after she was born, her daughter tested positive for Lyme. The news that her daughter had tested positive for lyme, the memory of what her mother had been through supporting her, and her experience with more general Lyme support groups inspired her to create a Lymiemom social media group, which can be found on Facebook and twitter. She wanted to help provide support for mothers with Lyme disease, mothers of children with lyme disease, and people in treatment who want to start a family. On Mother’s Day she was interviewed about Lyme Disease on a local fox news channel near Philadelphia, and continually works to raise awareness and provide support for people with Lyme disease.

#38: Lyme Expert - Tim Jackson, DPT - Heal Your Body
Nov 22 2015 48 mins  
Dr. Tim Jackson went to Wake Forest University with the full intention of following with medical school to become an MD. While he was an undergrad, he got involved with Strength Training and nutrition, and became interested in what would become known as functional medicine. Over extending himself as an undergrad, he became very sick; among his symptoms included fatigue, insomnia, stomach pain and joint pain among many others. He spent the last two years of his undergrad education trying to find someone to help him. Unsatisfied with with the hyper specialization in the doctors he went to, he decided to take his health into his own hands. After a childhood where, in his words, he was "prescribed antibiotics like candy,” he realized the first step he had to take was strengthening his digestive health and gut flora. he spent the next nine years figuring out and healing his gut; eliminating bad bacteria, restoring stomach PH, discovering mold indicators in his lab results, and overcoming his genetic difficulty in detoxifying. Then he discovered he had Lyme Disease, which he believed is why he had so much difficulty in fully healing his digestion. Now he helps hundreds of patients with their journey to health. His Heal Your Body Philosophy is designed to give patients a basis of understanding for how their body works so they can make better decisions about their healthcare, and heal your body rather than simply manage your symptoms.

#9: Lyme Expert - Mara Williams, NP - Author, Nature's Dirty Needle
Nov 20 2015 47 mins  
Episode 9 features Mara Williams, NP author of Nature's Dirty Needle. Mara s a board certified nurse practitioner. With 30 years as a health care provider, she has developed an expertise in functional, nutritional medicine; blending pharmaceuticals with nutraceuticals, utilizing science and nutrition to its best advantage to get the optimal effect and outcome. She is a Lyme advocate, speaker, author of Nature’s Dirty Needle (her book on Lyme disease and its co-infections), and founder of Inanna House, an inpatient facility for those with chronic illness. She is dedicated to helping those who have suffered from Lyme and other tick-borne associated diseases. Mara is also the founder and CEO of Inanna House when complete, will be a clinical research facility as well as a teaching institution. The agreement to be involved in confidential, anonymized clinical research studies would be hard-wired into the treatment model, as well as a patient agreement, in some instances, to receive care from staffers-in-training. Inanna House will track treatment successes for years afterward with longitudinal patient follow-up studies. This will provide valuable information to continuously improve and refine patient care, as well as data on possible relapses and reinfection. The first facility of many to model the new paradigm will be in Sonoma County on 10-15 acres of viable land. It is part of the vision that we will have Inanna House around the world. Many of these centers are needed as millions are in need of help

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