No Such Thing As A Fish

Oct 23 2020 41 mins 133k

Award-winning podcast from the QI offices in which the writers of the hit BBC show discuss the best things they've found out this week. Hosted by Dan Schreiber (@schreiberland) with James Harkin (@jamesharkin), Andrew Hunter Murray (@andrewhunterm), and Anna Ptaszynski (#GetAnnaOnTwitter)

4.8 • 37 Ratings

obsessedmalou Oct 23 2020
I listen every week! Right funny bunch, and the funnest facts!

BadWolfYEG Oct 23 2020
Wonderfully entertaining, always makes me laugh.

NigelColdwell Oct 19 2020
The best podcast. If you like qi you'll love this more adult version too.

Jacoolh Oct 11 2020
Sponsored sections are louder than the rest of the podcast unfortunately.

Gibbon Oct 04 2020

poderino765 Sep 29 2020
Quite Interesting - great format too good to miss

Jamila Sep 21 2020
This was my first podcast ever and it remains my all-time favourite

Anon Sep 14 2020
Really gone downhill lately. It's entertainment, not a podcast to rant about your politics.

Sophie Aug 24 2020
Every episode makes me laugh!

Ankhari McV Aug 11 2020
Always funny and interesting

Anne Hathaway Jul 26 2020
Nothing remotely similar to the Qi TV series. This sounds like teenagers reciting facts they are reading from a schoolbook. Incessant giggling with absolutely no authority in any of their voices. FAIL.

meh101 Jun 24 2020
Upmost, the absolute best, podcast! Listened to them all, like 3 times. Really recommend, funny and just a brilliant pod.

rafette Jul 20 2020
This podcast got me into podcasts years ago, and I still listen to this one religiously. The facts are great and the hosts are hilarious.

LucasVsZombies Jul 15 2020

Lego Jul 11 2020

MchllChndlr Jul 07 2020
I'm a new listener and I love the personalities and subjects. I'm headed to the archives to check out pre-corona eps

MadOgne Jul 01 2020
Funny and entertaining

kevininspace Jun 26 2020
Funny, great hosts, and you learn fun things!

astrangehop Jun 25 2020
Facts so fun, I have to stop working and note them down. Incredible banter. I'd recommend it to anyone.

DMCain Jun 20 2020
Love this show so much. hilarious and informative

astro_alison Jun 19 2020
QI podcast. Need I say more?? Quite interesting, quite funny, SO GOOD!!!!!!1

Chemical Bear May 31 2020
Top Podcast. Funny and informative.

BatmanFlight May 18 2020
Without fail an amazing and hilarious pod. I have yet to listen to a bad episode.

rojas68 May 22 2020
Best podcast out there

ace3skoot May 15 2020

bj14klein May 15 2020
You are all hilarious and have great chemistry.

gvdwatt May 14 2020
Seriously the best podcast in my opinion. I look forward to Fridays when the new episodes drop!

Katherine May 12 2020
Hilarious, and one of my favourite podcasts! It's relaxing too, so great to listen to before sleep.

woatgoat May 09 2020
Hilarious informative magnificent

smc May 08 2020
Love this

Shmek May 04 2020
Probably my favourite!

Jan Apr 10 2020
Amazing podcast. If you love funny facts and want to learn cool stuff, this is a show you have to check

Filcuk Apr 20 2020
My favourite group of elves.

Cameron Apr 19 2020
Funny trivia. 4 very clever people, discussing little known nuggets of truth. And laughing.

Monica Apr 19 2020
A funny informative listen. I love the show 😍

aa260022 Apr 13 2020
Funny and you learn weird stuff

macross42 Apr 11 2020
Consistently awesome , never a bad episode .