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Oct 03 2020 46 mins 11

We promise to provide you with gritty, real, uncensored insights and perspectives that inspire and challenge all the excuses preventing you from living the life you've always dreamed, along with plenty of ways to help you get your shit together.

Over Drinks: E3: Eric Karjaluoto
Mar 30 2020 65 mins  
Running a creative agency or studio? You may be full of shit. ----more---- Still with me? Great! You might be ready for real change then. Here’s the thing... Most of us are really frightened to say when things aren’t working. And this goes for any business owner. As creatives, we fool ourselves into thinking we just need to do a little more and create something new. Put that fresh coat of paint on, update that website, draw attention to those awards you won… Or maybe we’ll focus internally depending on our size. Upgrade our spaces tweaking the environment to give off just enough "we’ve got our shit together" so "you should be work with us" vibe without being pretentious. we're not saying don’t do that either, just pointing to the timing of when and why you do. I get that for most of us in the creative industries, this is not meant to be malicious. It usually comes from good intentions. We want to ensure that the impression perceived by others is one of being capable of supporting our clients (new and existing). But we’re not actually addressing the issues deep down, we’ve just given the pig some lipstick. Industry veterans will agree, there’s more to the successful agency or studio than meets the eye. You’re in an industry that’s riddled with superfluous fronts, unrealistic outcomes, exaggerated claims and more bullshit than you will have ever bargained for. But fear not fellow creatives. Your future can be bright and filled with everything you hoped for if you pay attention to the lessons of those who’ve come before you. ___________________________________________________ Chances are you might’ve forgotten why you got into this business in the first place. And that was to be creative. Perhaps now is the time to get reconnected to the roots of where you came from, to be honest with why got into this line of work. Get clear how you really should be presenting yourself with that in mind and skip all the bullshit... like RFP’s and well-crafted pitches. It’s just a bunch of well-crafted lies to wow a prospective client and win business. BE YOURSELF Keep it simple. Stop looking externally and focus internally. No one cares about all the hype. Elegantly solve problems again. Be with another human being and support them. This is your superpower after all. Follow What Eric is up to Some of the projects they built Sponsor for today's episode Summer Love Vodka!

Over Drinks: E2 with Jeff Jamieson
Mar 02 2020 71 mins  
Happiness is not something to chase, It just comes If you’re willing to play. It’s a long game that requires patience and a whole lot of commitment. Nothing is certain despite our best efforts to guide and direct it and happiness and living your life your way, while available to everyone is not something we’ll all achieve because we get caught up in the story of how it was supposed to go. Over drinks Jeff and I dig into his wandering journey inside the hospitality industry, one he’s been in since his mid 20’s. Despite the fickle nature of the industry, there was something genuine about it that kept him curiously exploring and never settling on “the thing”. We speak about the traps that are in place by our industries, cultures and upbringings that can keep you in a place of feeling frustrated, unfulfilled with a sense of something missing. You couldn’t have a better dude on a podcast called Over Drinks.As always Jeff Jamieson brings his beverage ‘A’ game.Today’s episode is sponsored by2 new Calgary BreweriesCabin and 88 Brewing. 88 is a nod to everything that was great about the 80’s in Calgary.Shout out to Mark Rimmer and Bamf studio design, the graphic designer behind the 88 Olympics style design.88 and Proof are doing a collaboration together. A barrel aged sour, cocktail style beer. Be sure to follow them as that product matures and becomes ready to wet our palettes.And if you’ve never been to Proof on 4th, you’re missing out on some great cocktails and a great ambience. I love what they’re doing there. start off the episode with Cabin’s pale ale.

A Day on Purpose E9 - Laurie Mackay - Take the Meandering Path.
Jan 02 2020 25 mins  
You know you’re on your path to purpose if you’re enjoying it. If you’re not, keep opening different doors. This path to purpose is one that Laurie has been on for a long time and when she asks herself if she’s found her purpose yet, she is reminded of the fact that for her she really enjoys taking the meandering path of getting somewhere. Whether it’s traveling or studying for her it’s been about the journey But for some of us it’s a real challenge to work that practice into our lives. We’ve been told at one point or another of all this potential we have and so faced with this pressure of getting to the end faster for fear of wasting this untapped precious resource. Yet still lacking the clarity of what IT is for us. Laurie shares some really great perspectives on how to handle those that mean well along the way to purpose. For Laurie It took getting a degree in economics under her belt to see there were other doors that still needed, wanted to be opened. Keep going! You’re well on your way. ________ EVENT DETAILS *UPDATE*: On June 20th, A Day on Purpose is bringing together a fantastic community of speakers and presenters. People like you and me, at various stages of uncovering their own purpose. It will be a day of stories and discovery that will work to make a very high level and at times hard to understand topic relatable and uncomplicated. Conference details can be found here:

70. Your Default Is Not Reliable
Aug 17 2019 48 mins  
Welcome to episode 70 of the GYST Life Podcast. On today’s episode we talk about discipline as a pathway to freedom! Guess what, you’re flaky and unreliable as are most of the people in your life, here’s the kicker, most of you don’t even realize it. Are you grappling with success and wondering why you’re not getting the results you want? Try on, you have fears of success or at least a fear of the person you’d constantly have to be to get the success you’re after. So what do you do about it? Ask yourself, who’s your gandalf, who are those people in your life that will challenge and encourage you to do the things necessary because the reality is, you don’t know what you’re capable of. You ever notice, you’ve been living life for 30, 40 or 50 years and still some days you have no clue what the fuck you’re doing. That’s how developing a podcast feels 70 episodes in, inevitable roadblocks show up to test your commitment and contribute to your learning. We point to how the pleasure and pain of your journey are necessary for you to understand what you’re capable of and what you really want. The podcast has been a catalyst that's helped us to figure things out, to explore, pull apart and unravel what it is that has us step up to the next level in life. What do you have in place that will stretch yourself to take on the things that you don’t even realize are possible? Because it’s totally possible and you’re totally capable! You need the right people in your life to achieve those milestones, they are out there and they will embrace you. They’re waiting for you! So get after it!

68. Stand for What's Right
Jul 24 2019 42 mins  
We all are provided opportunities to stand for what’s right in this world. Our tendency is different from everyone. You either step in, step up or step back and deep down we know when something needs to be said or done. These opportunities are subtle and easily dismissed for many reasons. The biggest one being the potential negative situation you are put in if you do decide to stand for what’s right. In today’s episode Vern and I talk about a situation that unfolded with me and another person at a party. There was some inappropriate behaviour going down that I just wasn’t willing to tolerate. I went into the situation knowing full well what’s likely going to happen if I do stand for what I know needed to be said. This story invariably leads us down the rabbit hole of how we directly or indirectly engage in topics around race, sexuality and inclusivity, exploring similar stories and what we experienced in those moments. Not just the bad ones, but the good ones too! It’s not an easy conversation to have at the best of times, and we must be willing to deal with these stresses in our lives as they appear. When we are willing to step into those awkward moments, to share, acknowledge, confront; We create a new context for what we know is right that creates a new context for what will predictably come next and familiar tools to help find the solution. In today’s world it is a fundamental necessity in our day to day lives. Enjoy the show Follow The GYST on facebook Follow The Gyst on instagram Follow Wakefield on Facebook Follow David on Instagram Follow Vern on Instagram Subscribe to our Youtube Channel Weekly. Unscripted and Real

67. 150 Day RoadTrip
Jul 13 2019 43 mins  
Have you ever fantasized about your dream job? What if you could create the job or business of your dreams? On Episode 67 Matt and Carla share their story of how they are literally living the dream and how they created it. Have you ever had an idea you really wanted to take action on, then came up with all the perfect reasons not to do it? Then what? You kick yourself and wish you would have done it. Our guests share how they organically created an amazing opportunity and by virtue of continuing to move toward the vision, they opened up doors to make it happen. I know what you’re thinking; sounds nice but… Or Yeah but they must have gotten lucky… Or insert new excuse to let yourself off the hook. Listen in and you’ll hear what is possible when you follow your passion and you’re willing to get uncomfortable and risk it not working out. Matt tells us how an idea, inspired action and persistence lead to a once in a lifetime road trip that has forever transformed his and Carla’s lives. On this episode, Matt and Carla share some of the lessons, mistakes, and afterthoughts from their amazing travel stories. Buckle your seat belts, we’re about to go on a Kick-Ass road trip you’re not going to want to miss this. Don’t worry our tour guides are savvy travel veterans from Must Do Canada. Listen and enjoy! Follow Must Do Canada: on Youtube Follow Matt Baily on instagram Follow Karla Sosa-Baily on instagram Follow The GYST on facebook Follow The Gyst on instagram Follow Wakefield on Facebook Follow David on Instagram Follow Vern on Instagram Subscribe to our Youtube Channel Weekly. Unscripted and Real

65. You Can Have it All
Jun 08 2019 29 mins  
Welcome back to The GYST Life Podcast for episode 65. We start by discussing routine and effectiveness. David chats about structures he is practicing to ensure he is fitting in what matters most into his day. You get to say how your time is spent and if you are not fitting in things you say are important, consider there is nothing wrong, you’re just not taking responsibility and you’re not making the thing important enough. What becomes available when you have a routine, focus and passion? You get to have it all, not be consumed by all that has to get done and you get to work on things you actually want to do. Your internal critic is crafty though, you can find yourself spending most of your time preparing and analyzing that which has to get done rather than getting after it. Your day can be the most planned and organized and you’ve not done anything. STOP that shit! You are wherever you are because of the actions you took or didn’t take in the past. Anything you’re dealing with can be transformed. How do we know? Because you created it and if you can recreate it differently. So own your shit, recreate your future, and take actions consistent with that new future. Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy the ride Follow The GYST on facebook Follow The Gyst on instagram Follow Wakefield on Facebook Follow David on Instagram Follow Vern on Instagram Subscribe to our Youtube Channel Weekly. Unscripted and Real

63. Be Selfish. Give More
May 25 2019 60 mins  
Welcome to episode 63 of The GYST Life podcast where we are joined by Ryan Gill. Ryan shares his deep passion for gratitude, contributing to others and the importance of selfishness. We were floored by Ryan’s stories of grit, resourcefulness and a relentless commitment to delivering value. What do you do when you get ‘bad news’ at the eleventh hour? Most of us would throw our hands up and say some variation for ‘why me’. On today’s episode, you will see what is possible when you stay committed to your promise and you honor your word. What’s running the show in your mind, are you concerned about what you’re going to get, what’s in it for you or the quick win? When you are committed to something bigger than just looking good, you’ll start taking actions consistent with what you’re out to create rather than focusing on trivial shit in the day-to-day. Ryan shares some great insights he has picked up over his twenty plus years in business which are directly transferable to life. What becomes available when you stay true to your values? Ryan has lived by gratitude, generosity, grit, selfishness (self-love) and being straight with people and this episode proves it’s working out well for him. The sky's the limit for Ryan, the rest of us are no different so listen in to get inspired by what you can create when you get out of your own way. Follow Ryan Gill on Instagram Follow Ryan Gill on Facebook Checkout Communo Heather Spurrell: The Relationship Coach Follow The GYST on facebook Follow The Gyst on instagram Follow Wakefield on Facebook Follow David on Instagram Follow Vern on Instagram Subscribe to our Youtube Channel Weekly. Unscripted and Real

62. The Compound Effect: Building Knowledge and Wealth
May 18 2019 47 mins  
Guest episode today with Richard Canfield out of Edmonton. Our first time doing a remote guest on the show. We covered the gamut today. Richard shares his journey of going through the process of working harder to working smarter. Richard grew up in rural Alberta and was heir to the throne of the families portable toilet kingdom. He shares his discoveries and learning along the way. The lessons he was taught but didn’t quite understand and the catalyst-change events (Those moments when you begin to recognize things differently) that occurred and what expanded when he began on to put for time, energy and attention to those places. We talk about what it really means to be of service and what you can do to discover what that is for you. The common thread in the podcast was inside of the context of Compound Interest. What happens when you create an environment for your knowledge and your finances to more effectively leverage this underutilized tool and what happens when you do. This will most definitely challenge some of your assumptions for the better. The Private Wealth System Follow Richard Canfield on FB Follow The GYST on facebook Follow The Gyst on instagram Follow Wakefield on Facebook Follow David on Instagram Follow Vern on Instagram Subscribe to our Youtube Channel Weekly. Unscripted and Real

61. The Right Fit
Apr 27 2019 50 mins  
Hello and welcome to episode 61 of the GYST Life Podcast. Today David and Vern, sit down and have a real conversation about what they are dealing with in life. This episode is the embodiment for what the GYST Life is all about, greedy, real and uncensored as David shares from a disempowered state. We actually work through the disempowerment and get real with each other. We discuss how a ‘real’ friend supports a friend in times of need. Have you ever been stopped in supporting someone because you didn’t know how to support them? What if having to know what to do is actually a problem. What if supporting someone was about empowering them to be the person you know them to be rather than having to have a solution or fixing shit. So what would it look like if you knew yourself to be someone who took the actions you know to take to get out of life what you really want? Listen in as Vern and David move from a low vibration and a disempowered state to a place of power and excitement. You get to see what becomes available when you are willing to share what you are dealing with rather than trying to look good and have it all handled. Don’t forget to write in because you have valuable feedback and you have stories people want to hear so [email protected] Enjoy. Follow The GYST on facebook Follow The Gyst on instagram Follow Wakefield on Facebook Follow David on Instagram Follow Vern on Instagram Subscribe to our Youtube Channel

60. The Ultimate Version of You
Apr 20 2019 39 mins  
We are excited to welcome you to episode 60 of the GYST Life podcast. We are joined by Sunjeev from ‘The Street Gentlemen’ who shares his passion for showing men how to dress, not just to impress but also to show up as the authentic version and the best version of themselves. What are the important things in life that contribute to what really matters? What contributes to you building the ultimate version of yourself? Sunjeev shares what drives him in life and in business as we talk about family values, commitment and balance. We talk about the difference in the blind hustle vs what it takes to be intentional with your hustle. There is a fundamental difference between being efficient vs effective, we have all had days when we have been very busy and efficiently did nothing. Some may think, if you this guy is supporting men to dress well, he’s all about looking good. Those who assume are usually wrong, they would be wrong in this case as well. Listen in as Sunjeev shares how dress can impact far more than just looking good. He goes deep and gets vulnerable with his clients, and his work has a profound impact on people. Enjoy and don’t forget to [email protected] Follow Sunjeev Follow The GYST on facebook Follow The Gyst on instagram Follow Wakefield on Facebook Follow David on Instagram Follow Vern on Instagram Subscribe to our Youtube Channel Weekly. Unscripted and Real

58. From Surface to Significance
Mar 24 2019 42 mins  
Welcome to Episode 58 of The GYST Life Podcast. Have you ever wondered what it means to create a life of significance? Barry Anderson is here to share his journey and perspective on what significance really looks like. Here’s a hint. it’s about contribution and making a difference. As you listen to Barry’s story, think of what a life of significance would look like for you and the difference that would that have on you and your communities. Barry generously shares what growing up in Calgary looked like, how he got here and how that shaped his life and legacy. We go deep into a conversation about what is happening under the surface in Calgary, and what a possible new future could look like. This episode captures what is possible when a few ripple makers drew a line in the sand and decided to create something that really matters... something of significance, deeper than just the surface. So sit back, relax and enjoy the magic. Thanks for listening. Contact Barry Anderson from the Creative Intelligence Agency Connect with Barry on Linkedin Follow The GYST on facebook Follow The Gyst on instagram Follow Wakefield on Facebook Follow David on Instagram Follow Vern on Instagram Subscribe to our Youtube Channel Weekly. Unscripted and Real

56. MEN! Get Uncomfortable, GET REAL!
Mar 09 2019 52 mins  
Welcome to The GYST Life Podcast for episode 56, solo hosted this week by Vern with Aaron in support. Hosting a solo podcast was a great experience and completely out of my comfort zone. Thankfully Aaron was there to have my back. This podcast has a bit of everything including the story of how we actually got started. My intention was to have a real conversation with our listeners about some vulnerabilities in my life. The interesting thing is, we all have vulnerabilities even if we pretend we don’t and even when we are not aware we do. I find men, in particular, are not trained to deal with emotions and vulnerabilities in a powerful way. Most of my life any emotions quickly turned to anger as my default. Although I am certain women deal with emotions, vulnerabilities, and loneliness, I can’t speak from a woman's perspective. I think that is the real breakdown in communication between people in our hypersensitive culture with polarizing social issues that get taken way out of context. We point fingers at each other rather than work toward understanding and support. We are all walking around misunderstood, lonely, not heard, seeking connection and belonging and we tell no one. We are well trained to take life on by ourselves and if we need help then that means something is wrong. The way we create power and freedom in our lives is to share what we are dealing with and what we care about. Have you ever noticed when you create real conversations with people you share common interests and struggles? I have seen people nearly die rather than simply asking for help because they were afraid to be thought of weak. We are committed to putting these conversations on the table and creating access for people to make a difference for each other. We managed to have a great conversation about real shit and had a fun time doing it. So sit back get comfortable and embrace the discomfort. Enjoy the episode and we request you like and subscribe or leave a comment. Want to share something in private or have a comment read on the podcast? Write to us at [email protected] Sam Crowley John Assaraf Go Fund Me for Mike _____ Follow The GYST on facebook Follow The Gyst on instagram Follow Wakefield on Facebook Follow David on Instagram Follow Vern on Instagram Subscribe to our Youtube Channel Weekly. Unscripted and Real

55. FInd Your Voice, FInd Your Will to Thrive
Feb 10 2019 68 mins  
Welcome back to the GYST Life Podcast for episode 55. We are fascinated with people and their stories. Caran Magaw and her dog piper join us this week with a story about victory. What would be available for you if you started to explore and play in life NOW before you hit the proverbial ROCK BOTTOM? What if you were just cool with what is going on right now in the moment rather than always being in control. Emotions are not absolute, they are not to be controlled, they are to be discovered, explored and experienced.We’ve all had moments where life occurs like you’re losing your shit. Caran has literally been there and back. Dealing with our mental wellness can be a lonely journey and the reality is we all need mental health and most of us don’t deal with it very well. Caran shares how lack of purpose in life had her completely lose her identity and the will to function, literally paralyzed on the couch for almost 2 years. Most of us are not aware of how subtle and persuasive the mind can be. The bottom line is if you don’t deal with your mind, your mind will deal with you. Ok so how do you deal with it? Ask questions like the following about yourself. - What are you passionate about? - What do you want to explore? - Do you make yourself a priority? Caran shares how she is flourishing as a result of exploring and developing a relationship with herself. Listen to how she shifted her context as she took responsibility for how she spoke with herself and allowed space to explore her curiosities.It is very unlikely you’ve not experienced significant discomfort before having a breakthrough in your life. Embrace the discomfort of new experiences and see what is possible.. Enjoy the episode and we request you like and subscribe or leave a comment. Want to share something in private or have a comment read on the podcast? Write to us at [email protected] Follow Caran Magaw on facebook The GYST on facebook The Gyst on instagram Wakefield on Facebook David on Instagram Vern on Instagram to our Youtube Channel Unscripted and Real

54. What Do You Value?
Jan 27 2019 45 mins  
Vern couldn’t make our Saturday podcast and so Wakefield and I will be jamming with you this morning. Wake shares some of what he’s experiencing in his psych class he’s is taking for his RMT program. In particular an exercise he was grappling with. It was an exercise where the outcome was to narrow down the values that define you to the top 5. This was something Wake had thought he had figured out already but quickly began to realize just how much work there was still to be done if he was willing to dig in and take a deeper dive. Wake saw an opportunity, he saw why this was so necessary (for him). He understands that it’s not just physical therapy he’s helping people to resolve, but the emotional tweaks, sprang, and cramps as well. This exercise began to challenge his notions and beliefs about himself. We dig deeper into a brilliant conversation about our belief systems, the power of the mind and how to be more gentle with yourself. Whether you’ve been working on developing yourself and your mind for years or you’ve just started walking, it’s clear that the human being gets all tangled up in the how...let go of trying to figure out how and just take action. “ Realizing that our actions, feelings, and behavior are the results of our own images and beliefs gives us the level that psychology has always needed for changing personality. “ - Maxwell Maltz The game is to elevate how you see yourself and the belief systems you have in place. To spend more time defining what’s important to you, with words. To dig deep and wrestle with and get pig muddy with those words. Disclaimer: As humans, we have a tendency to want to “get through it” “to win” and say “yup I did that work, I’m done”. Take your time with this, notice when you find yourself trying to get it right and just say what you mean. So... What do you value? What is necessary for you? What makes a difference for you? Take some time and explore to exhaustion and then begin the journey of narrowing them down to your top 5. Why do this? We’ll ask you something…Why the fuck not? ______ Read the Maxwell Maltz’s Book Pyscho Cybernetics Wim Hoff Interview on Impact Theory Wim Hoff (aka The IceMan) Youtube Channel Follow The GYST on facebook Follow The Gyst on instagram Follow Wakefield on Facebook Follow David on Instagram Follow Vern on Instagram Subscribe to our Youtube Channel Weekly. Unscripted and Real

53. Strip Down What's There, Reveal What Matters
Jan 24 2019 45 mins  
YAY…! David is back… Welcome to Episode 53 of The GYST Life podcast. It’s a new year, a new beginning and the perfect time to start living your best life on your terms. Our GYST Life community believes this is possible for anyone who is willing to choose it and willing to look in the dark corners of your life and deal with what isn’t working. We are on a journey to design and create a vibrant, thriving, connected community that fuels dreams. This is a selfish interest with a covert passion to realize our mission, have you living your best life on your terms. If you are going to live your best life, sometimes you’ll have to get out of your own way. Sometimes there is nothing to be done except be and trust that the next step you take will get you closer to where you want to be. Doug Bouey, today’s guest did just that and discovered the pilgrimage to santiago de compostela which he’s now walked three times. What can we learn about ourselves when we stripe away our work title, money, our homes or anything that your identity is tied to? What really matters is the only thing left and it cannot be discovered by the conscious mind. People today have no idea what it’s like to discover because everything moves at the speed of light. Our heads are clouded with technology, always something to do, the race against time. We are always stuck in the conscious mind with no time to reflect or create. The presence of being in the present moment is a common denominator on the GYST. The truth is we usually have everything we need in the present moment, we cannot change yesterday and we have no idea what tomorrow will bring. Listen along while Doug shares the simple pleasures of a walk in nature and the benefits of slowing down. Send us a message at [email protected] ______ Connect with Doug Buey to Camino Channel on Youtube The GYST on facebook The Gyst on instagram David on Instagram Vern on Instagram to our Youtube Channel Weekly. Unscripted and Real

52.'s Just a Game
Jan 07 2019 44 mins  
When is the last time you felt… ALIVE? Notice, your answer is likely not about an expensive gift, the end of a trip or even a big promotion. Nah, all of those things are valuable and exciting. We say it is the experience and build up leading to the thing you think you want that made you feel alive. We play to experience the game not the result. John Orian joins us for episode 52 with an inspiring message for humanity and particularly, The BOOMERS. John discovered on his journey as he transitioned from retirement back into creating something sustainable that what we really want is a life of meaning. That was what was missing for most people when provided that opportunity through his workshop series. Society or #thethey has a way of infiltrating our thoughts and making us think, a new car, bigger house, a promotion, and more money brings happiness and fulfillment. Is that what you really want? The superficial stuff will no doubt provide resources to contribute to your experience. However, strip all of your worldly goods away, all your titles… What are you left with? Is there love, relationships, community, passion, impact? Or are you left feeling empty and alone? Don’t ignore your intuition, lean in and start creating and playing with your life because it’s all just a game. Now the question is, what game are you winning at right now? What game do you really want to play? Listen, enjoy and play along. Connect with John Orian on Linkedin The GYST on facebook The Gyst on instagram David on Instagram Vern on Instagram to our Youtube Channel

51. How Do You Push Yourself?
Dec 22 2018 39 mins  
Today I slapped my brother on the podcast. It was fun, awkward and part of our journey find our greatness. We talk about his trip overseas and the experiences he encountered that pushed him in all sorts of ways. We often don’t realize it but most of the time our default operating system is running the show. The trick is to realize that the real opportunities for growth lay beneath the surface of our tendencies and habits. The ability to push yourself requires you to reveal what’s underneath that thing we do. To look at that thing, habit, action from a new perspective. The new perspective lives inside of creating situations that push your comfort zones and open you up to new and unexpected possibilities for adventure, fulfillment and growth. That is where the notion of being motivated gets generated from. Motivation is a byproduct of pushing yourself and expanding your boundaries. It cannot exist on its own for very long. So what are you curious about? What are you interested in and want to learn? Be open and understand that it’s about the process of going from point a to b to c. That it will not always go the way you expect it to go and that the less than positive experience you encountered is quite likely the necessary step you need to take to move towards what you really want. Send us a message at [email protected] ______ Follow Patrick on instagram Follow Optimo movement on facebook Follow The GYST on facebook at Follow David on Instagram Follow Vern on Instagram Subscribe to our Youtube Channel Weekly. Unscripted and Real

50. Start with a Hug
Dec 09 2018 76 mins  
We were excited about episode 50 and we wanted to do something special and in typical fashion, when we stop trying to think of a great idea, one showed. Being the ripple makers that we are @TheGYSTLife we shifted our format completely for this occasion. We invited a very close friend to host this episode, the talented and beautiful Heather Spurrell joins us as she facilitates a live couple coaching session right on the podcast. The guards were up in the beginning but it didn’t take long for our brave couple to relax and get raw and real. Listen in as Heather uses her profound skills to hold a space for a deep and meaningful conversation to occur. Hear this young couple learn, grow and understand side by side as they grapple with the realities of life, love, and long-term commitments. While you listen, put down your assessments and judgments and insert your current, past or ideal future relationship into the conversation. Just stay present and open. You get to benefit from this brave couple’s sharing as they lay it all on the line in public fashion. You’re lucky enough to be in the comfort and privacy of your own thoughts while you listen to this vulnerable experience. And hey, if you are one of those brave couples who think our guests are the lucky ones, hang in there, you may just get your chance to meet Heather and join us on the podcast for your own couples session. Stay tuned on that. Wow, sit back relax and take this in. It’s a wide ride so buckles fuckers.

Dec 01 2018 57 mins  
Sometimes in life, things seem to be going very well. You have a good job, decent income, friends, status and your annual vacation. These important things in life form our identity, but is that who we are? One day suddenly it’s all taken away, what are you left with. We say you are left with an opportunity to look at what is possible for your life by not being shackled to your current reality. That is exactly what happened to today’s guests. They have a moving story that will inspire you to look at what could be possible in your life. This is a conversation you will not want to miss, it is filled with excitement and danger. Tony & Marcy share stories from their journey including a gunpoint hold up in Mexico, businesses falling apart, battling addiction, leaving the corporate world to blaze their trail and more. The descriptions might sound intense but the reality is that we all have intense situations we’ve dealt with in life and we are quick to dismiss it like “no big deal”. Wakefield is back with us again to drop another outstanding and timely piece as we discuss PTSD, defining moments and numbers. Tony & Marcy point to some empowering contexts that will support you in living your best life, on your terms. We invite you to listen Enjoy. SHOWNOTES: Follow Tony on instagram and linkedin Marcy on instagram and linkedin Amanada Lindhout’s story: Follow The GYST on Facebook at Follow David on Instagram Follow Vern on Instagram Follow Wakefield Brewster on instagram Follow Wakefield Brewster on Facebook Subscribe to our Youtube Channel Weekly. Unscripted and Real

48. What is Real Community?
Nov 18 2018 58 mins  
What is possible when you decide to step outside of the pack and distinguish yourself in a unique way? Well we’re not really sure, but taking that journey is part of the beauty and fun. In this particular case, a unique approach to a LinkedIn introduction leads to Derek Manns joining us for episode 48. You’ll have to tune in for details on that. Derek is a man on a mission and as per usual here at The GYST Life, his mission is heart-centered and about something bigger than himself. A few thoughts we want to leave with you to think about as you listen… You’ve likely gone to a live show and witnessed some amazing performances only to never see or hear from that artist again. Frustrating right? Or perhaps you, yourself are a performer who wants more opportunities to be paid for your art. Impossible yeah? Join us as Derek, CEO of Stagehand shares his inspiring story that bridges the gap between Artists and those who appreciate talent and passion. Derek has helped over 700 artists earn paid gigs. Stagehand is a startup, so there will be plenty of lessons in this episode that will help you get your shit together. Looking for a cool venue to check out some of Calgary’s talent? Half Hitch in Cochrane Gravity Expresso & Wine Bar Send us a message at [email protected] ______ Stagehand’s website Follow Stagehand on Instagram at Follow Stagehand on facebook at Follow The GYST on facebook at Follow David on Instagram Follow Vern on Instagram Subscribe to our Youtube Channel Weekly. Unscripted and Real

47. How Would You Tell Your Story?
Nov 11 2018 45 mins  
Welcome to episode 47 of the GYST Life Podcast, We thought we’d formally welcome you considering we sort of skipped that part this week. We don’t want to make excuses or let ourselves off the hook but let’s just say some new laws in Canada may have played a factor, wink-wink. This week is all about reflection, vulnerability, and gratitude. This podcast is an as lived passion project that has significantly evolved since we started. There have been many people who have contributed along the way but this week Vern was compelled to acknowledge David for his contribution and willingness to push his boundaries and the boundaries of those around him. David and Vern help each other level up because they love each other enough to call each other out on their shit and challenge each other. As you listen to this episode think about who helps you level up in your life. Think about one thing you’ve always wanted to do and you’ve always had the perfect excuse not to do it. Then go tell those people who believe in you about your thing. Everything we do adds to the richness of our experience and it adds value to our story. If you don’t have a clear vision for what you want to try or how you want your life to look, we’re giving you permission to play and discover. This one gets real and emotional but we have a lot of fun so sit back relax, smoke a legal joint and enjoy two dudes with an opinion. Send us a message at [email protected] ______ Follow The GYST on facebook at Follow David on Instagram Follow Vern on Instagram Subscribe to our Youtube Channel Weekly. Unscripted and Real

46. Project Forty-Four
Nov 03 2018 56 mins  
It was a pleasure to have Mike Stanfield the creator of the delicious Vodka line known as Summer Love on the podcast today. He is an inspiring local entrepreneur with a great story to share. Mike highlights what becomes available in life when we live with passion. Perhaps that comes across as a bit cliche? Maybe, but the famous success stories of billionaires and big business always start with a dream and passion. Mike is well on his way to his own passionate success story with Star Distillery. So what are you passionate about? And how does one develop a passion? The answer is simple (yes cliche again, but hear us out). You have to try new shit and when you do, you’ll find new things you could get passionate about. You have to go public. Share the things you’re thinking about, your goals you want to achieve and the activities you want to try out. A key factor is having the right relationships in place that will support your dreams. This means you’ll likely have to have some tough conversations and cut some people out of your life. Sounds intense, but this is your life and as far as we know you only get one “at-bat”, so you have to commit right now to make the best out of it. What you’ll find on the other side makes all of the discomfort well worth it. Maybe you need to draw a line in the sand as Mike did with his Project 44. What is Project 44 you ask? You have to listen in to find out. Fuckers. Enjoy! Send us a message at [email protected] ______ Follow Starr Distillery on Instagram Starr Distillery on Facebook some Summer Love! The GYST on facebook at David on Instagram Vern on Instagram to our Youtube Channel Weekly. Unscripted and Real

45. Who Wants Your Problems?
Oct 13 2018 55 mins  
Episode 45 welcomes Wakefield Brewster back once again as he is deeply enrolled in what we are up to here at the GYST Life. We are excited to share his fascinating lyrical flow with our listeners as we create a meaningful conversation. There is absolute magic in being able to reframe situations such that you are left with power and choice. Some people HATE traffic and can’t wait to get out of the car and some look forward to a quiet ride or a good audiobook. We often get caught up in the ordinary daily motions and a life that lacks passion. We are sold that consumer goods, trips or a flashy lifestyle is the path to fulfillment and that becomes the dream. When you focus life around what really matters to us, it becomes simple. Perhaps the path to fulfillment starts with making peace with your reality and take 100% responsibility for your results. Connect with people around you and leave them with gain. What would the world look like if seven billion people committed to that today? Life is not meant to be laid out before us in a linear, path from birth to death, the juice is in the journey. We invite you to LISTEN to our conversation and perhaps you will discover the first step to find or deepen your passion. Give yourself permission to play! Enjoy the episode. Send us a message at [email protected] ______ Follow Wakefield Brewster (Da Lyrical Pitbull) The GYST on facebook at Follow David on Instagram Follow Vern on Instagram Subscribe to our Youtube Channel Weekly. Unscripted and Real

44. Be courageous. Listen first if you want to be understood
Oct 06 2018 56 mins  
This week the GYST Life gets down to real life as we talk about; what women really want. We don’t mean the Hollywood cliche context of what women want. We mean how the fuck do we start having real conversations that actually work to build and repair trust. Sexual misconduct in celebrity land and the ME TOO movement sparked a new level of awareness around the power struggle between men and women. Is this having the positive effect it was intended to have? Men, what if we started talking to other men, and women what if you started talking to women about how we can honor and respect the opposite sex? Here’s the thing guys... women have let me know they experience fear for their physical well-being almost daily. When is the last time you were physically afraid? Maybe you have a daughter or a sister. Are you aware of the concerns they have about their physical well being? And that it is very likely they are afraid of something? Do you know what that is for them? Physical harm has occurred to women in all the places they go, school, work, even family reunions. The reality is these things are happening and it can be so subtle, that sometimes even the victim isn’t even fully aware they were abused. It’s scary shit to bring to light. Every woman we’ve spoken to has experienced some kind of violation. Not all women talk to each other about this and many men have no clue. What would be possible for the world if we had the courage to have the uncomfortable conversations at the "you and me" level about these large-scale social issues? We dare to say, meaningful conversations have the power to transform the world. We need to stop pointing fingers and making people or the opposite sex wrong, We need to stop making the issues about ME, we have to stop polarizing social media movements which drown out the voice of the individual, we need to listen and work to understand the opposite sex. This is a conversation about responsibility rather than blame. This isn’t men vs women, this is about men and women and how can we be better for each other.

43. What is Your Something?
Oct 02 2018 67 mins  
Ever hear something and you never really “got” what was being said until the 3rd or 4th time around? Well, this is one of those episodes. Take the coaching and listen to this a couple of times. Or fuck off. The choice is yours. This week David and Vern invite a special guest who has a unique way of sharing his inspiring message. We speak about living life on your own terms often here at the GYST and that is just what Wakefield has done with his life. He shares as lived, what it actually takes to own your life. We fantasize about a glamorous, wealthy extravagant life when we think of art and entertainment. That is what we are sold, but a life of passion usually isn’t a life of glamor for most of the journey. How much do you really care about your THING? Are you willing to travel, starve, be broke, fight even die for it? Are you willing to keep working, learning and pushing forward even if with every step you take it feels like you’re going backward? Spoken word artist, Wakefield Brewster (aka The Lyrical Pitbull) brings a new level of passion and enthusiasm to The GYST Life. There are times in life when you know you are in the presence of greatness, episode 43 was one of those times for the GYST Lifers this week. Wakefield, brings his artistic depth of thinking as he shares some incredible spoken word creations and words of wisdom with us. Listen as Wake shares his life’s work and observations and illustrates his passion for people and making a difference. The Question of the Day: What’s your IT? Your Something? Send us a message at [email protected] ______ Follow Wakefield Brewster (aka The Lyrical Pitbull) Follow The GYST on facebook at Follow David on Instagram Follow Vern on Instagram Subscribe to our Youtube Channel Weekly. Unscripted and Real

Sep 22 2018 41 mins  
This week we welcome a very special guest to the GYST Life Podcast.. Heather Spurrell is one of our closest friends and a member of our three person accountability group which we fondly refer to as the Unmessables. Do you have people in your life who love you enough to call you on your shit, support you and praise you at the appropriate times? That is who Heather is for us and that is why we created the Unmessables! We can’t believe it has taken us this long to share her brilliance with our listeners. Episode 41 is a powerful conversation about what is possible when we choose to acknowledge the elephant in the room during our communication. We discuss what can be possible when your intentions are clear and thought out. What would life look like if we shift our context from “SHOULDS” and “HAVE TOS” and focus on what we can control to have things work rather than MAKE them work. It all boils down to tolerance. We look at areas of life that are not working, and we discuss circumstances we choose to tolerate which produce predictable results. Once we start to examine areas of tolerance, we gain access to new action thus producing new results. Enjoy the episode and we look forward to hearing your feedback, questions and breakthroughs, [email protected] Question of the Day: What are you tolerating? Why are you still tolerating it? Send us a message at [email protected] ______ Follow The GYST on facebook at Follow David on Instagram Follow Vern on Instagram Subscribe to our Youtube Channel Weekly. Unscripted and Real #unmessables #DoOrDoNotThereIsNotTry #Padawan #Jedi #InTraining #Responsibility #40isthenew50 #QuestionoftheDay #TheBigLeap #TheGYSTLife #Motivation #YouRock #ItsYourChoice #Choices #DocumentTheJourney #OutsidetheBox #LovetheJourney #StopDoingUselessShit #FindJoy #BeJoy #LifeisPrecious #TheGyst #GetYourShitTogether #Podcast #makingadifference #stopthenoise #WeekendVibes #SaturdaySpecial #SaturYay #Brandistruth #GrabaFreshie #rethinkyourthinking

40. One extra push up!
Sep 15 2018 31 mins  
This week David and Vern celebrate new Milestones in reaching episode 40 and our first listener email. When we first started talking about creating a podcast, I didn’t actually think we’d ever do it. And that is how anything worth doing has ever been created! It all starts with a thought! In this episode, we talk about small wins and consistent improvements that compound. All too often we focus on total transformations that are not sustainable and we wonder why we fail. We think about a thing we would love to do and before we even finish sharing what that thing is we stop ourselves with “YEAH BUT”. How quickly we forget, great leaders and “successful” people we follow and admire, didn’t start much different than where you are right now! So, what is that first step in creating your new possible future? It could be as simple as a google search, a conversation or a request. We don’t have to make a massive commitment from day one. We can take small steps that compound and allow us to discover what is possible or if we are actually in love with that thing! So, what is your first step? SHOWNOTES: The Big Leap - Gay Hendricks Questions to ask yourself as you’re discovering your story and getting back to your desire to wholeness Where do I feel out of integrity (not whole and complete) with myself? What is keeping me from feeling whole and complete? What important feelings am I not letting into my awareness? Where in my life am I not telling the full truth? Where in my life have I not kept my promises? In my relationship w____ what do I need to say or do in order to be complete and whole? The types of questions you can spend your whole life asking/reasking as you’re discovering and growing. These are changing daily if you’re present Question of the Day: What is it that you are really interested in taking the next step on and haven’t yet? What is that step you haven’t taken? Send us a message at [email protected] ______ Follow The GYST on facebook at Follow David on Instagram Follow Vern on Instagram Subscribe to our Youtube Channel Weekly. Unscripted and Real #DoOrDoNotThereIsNotTry #Padawan #Jedi #InTraining #Responsibility #40isthenew50 #QuestionoftheDay #TheBigLeap #TheGYSTLife #Motivation #YouRock #ItsYourChoice #Choices #DocumentTheJourney #OutsidetheBox #LovetheJourney #StopDoingUselessShit #FindJoy #BeJoy #LifeisPrecious #TheGyst #GetYourShitTogether #Podcast #makingadifference #stopthenoise #WeekendVibes #SaturdaySpecial #SaturYay #Brandistruth #GrabaFreshie #rethinkyourthinking

35. Responsibility = Response | Ability
Aug 11 2018 37 mins  
This week David and Vern have a little fun as they share about some new audio developments with the podcast. We say ‘fun’ because we are so out of our comfort zone with audio, things that we’ve missed in our setup are beneath novice. And we are embracing the learning.. The podcast switches gears as we share some intimate stories that point to what responsibility really means and how we choose to embrace the opportunities that come with it! Often we look at a ‘responsibility’ as a burden or a thing we have to do. It’s quite the opposite, in that it is a choice. You choose to respond to a situation given your ability. Sometimes we take on responsibilities that we don’t have the ability or support to deal with. That is a disempowering context. Responsibility actually gives us access to the appropriate actions. What sort of action were you inspired to take lately? That you would not normally have done, we would love to hear from you. [email protected] SHOWNOTES: HeadSpace 6 Phase Meditation to the Infinite Banking Concept (BECOMING YOUR OWN BANKER) Pimentel: Why You Need to Believe in Someone Today Follow The GYST on facebook at David on Instagram Vern on Instagram to our Youtube Channel Weekly. Unscripted and Real

33. ‘Brules’ Limit You!
Jul 30 2018 49 mins  
In this episode, David and I pull apart some of the Systems for Living that are currently not serving us (The BRULES), along with some new ones we're implementing into our lives. What are Brules you ask? They are the BULLSHIT RULES we accept as absolute truths and what govern how we live. This is a term coined by Vishin Lakhani, founder of Mind Valley and author of the book The Code of the Extraordinary Mind. Both David and I are thoroughly enjoying this book and highly recommend it. __ Human beings have a tendency to imitate for convenience and as a result, so many obsolete ideas have been passed down from generation to generation. Ideas like "Success = Hard Work" or that you need a "College Degree" or a "Fat bank account" to be happy. If you were to look, what conditions show up and govern your happiness, fulfillment, and self-expression? Are you able to choose happiness without condition or are you waiting for something to happen first? These are all the Brules that were passed down (without you realizing) and do not serve you. But what if life didn’t have to go that way?” What if you could consciously choose to enjoy the journey of your deliberate creation. That the opportunity lay in questioning the RELATIVE truths that govern our security vs the ABSOLUTE truths that just are. A relative truth: Green means GO and Red means STOP vs An absolute truth: that gravity exists on Earth and if you step off the cliff you will hit the ground. We are entering into one of the most disruptive eras in human history. And one of the biggest challenges we face today are the relative truths that occur as absolute. These are our current expired systems and structures in society, such as borders, cultures, religions etc. How we become truly connected as citizens of the world will rely largely on our willingness to question the relative and perceived absolute truths around us. Not from a place of malice, resignation or judgment but from the perspective that questioning these things put us on a natural path of learning, growth and the inevitable expansion of our abilities in all aspects of life. THAT SAID, WE HAVE A QUESTION: What do you who are actively influencing and encouraging our next generation of empowered questioners and culture hackers? Let us know in the comments! “We are locked into 20th century approaches that are holding back the next big fundamental shifts in human capacity.” — Bill Jensen SHOWNOTES: READ The Code of the Extraordinary Mind at Follow The GYST on facebook at Follow David on Instagram Follow Vern on Instagram Subscribe to our Youtube Channel

29. Live Life with More Joy. Reconnect to your inner Rogue 5 Year Old.
Jun 23 2018 49 mins  
You have exactly what you need. Right here, right now. Don’t believe me? Our guest Leona Devinne just might change your mind. I met Leona at one of Maya’s Magic Watercolor Workshops and I really love it when I meet with people and an instant electric connection is formed. In fact, I am on the hunt for those every chance I can get. Needless to say Leona and I had one of those. Leona has had 22 craniotomies in her family to date and Leona herself is managing 8 tumors literally from her head down to her toes. The context of her life growing up was that every moment was precious, and her commitment to helping others get out of the grind and into their groove is inspiring. Dive in and get to know a remarkable person. Learn what it actually means to be grounded and present and what she does to ensure that she is. Our Boundary Badass will take you through a journey that will help you begin to understand how to uncover what your Joy spots are in life, how to give it the space it needs to flourish and then double down to make it last. Trust me when I say, this is exactly what you need. If you want to connect with Leona directly: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Linkedin: PS: Don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel Vernon R. McCarty (@vernon.mccarty on Instagram @financialmakeoverspecialist) David Schmeikal (@davidschmeikal) Follow us on facebook at TheGyst Weekly. Unscripted and Real

26. Keep it Weird but Be Nimble
Jun 03 2018 49 mins  
We all want to be the inventor of the next great crazy idea, trend or movement, and sometimes the market tells you that they’re either not ready or not interested. This week David and Vern have an interesting conversation with Jeff, a local entrepreneur who brings practical lessons from real life business development. Jeff is co-owner of a few local businesses: Vine Arts, a local boutique wine and spirits shop Proof, a great little cocktail lounge on 4th Donna Mac, a new restaurant that’s recently opened up in the beltline. It never ceases to amaze us how lessons in life and business are so transferable across the board. Jeff describes some insights from his experience in the hospitality industry and we both received value from what he shared. Jeff shares what is possible when you have a vision and the courage to take action. However, he reminds us to stay humble and be willing to allow your vision to shift as you get feedback from those you aim to serve. One of the founding principles of Donna Mac comes from a philosophy of resourcefulness and embraces the mantra that ‘ever-changing’ is the only constant and we could not agree more. Our biggest takeaway is this: It’s critical to do the foundational work that supports clarity around why you’re doing what you’re doing, but it is equally critical to understand that we’re always up against a moving target, so make sure you take the time to check-in that it’s still valid, and makes sense for you and for others. PS: Don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel Vernon R. McCarty (@vernon.mccarty on Instagram @financialmakeoverspecialist) David Schmeikal (@davidschmeikal) Follow us on facebook at TheGyst Weekly. Unscripted and Real

Apr 29 2018 48 mins  
Life is constantly in a changing state. That’s the adventure! The Eb and Flow is everywhere and we have so many tools that can now support us through this journey. Today we had the privilege of sitting down with our good friend Jeremy as he shared with us the experience of some significant changes that are going on his world. The shift from being inside a 20-year career to being at the crossroads of change in his life and being with the question, What’s Next? This can be an overwhelming place at times and Jeremy provides some great insight on his journey through this new chapter of his life. TAKING MORE TIME TO THINK AND CONTEMPLATE We all think we are different or strange, that nobody else is dealing with what we’re dealing with. We get caught up in our siloed boxes and siloed perceptions. As a society, we’ve atrophied our abilities to think creatively, yet the opportunity right now is to lean in and do more of that outside of the box thinking, and push the boundaries we have all put around us. The opportunity right now is to make more time to think and create for ourselves. To inquire more in “Who We Are”, and less “What Do We Do Next?” To ask ourselves “What is it about me that makes a difference?” and stop all the “TRYING” to be a certain way. The magic is found within more time spent exploring and less time doing useless shit to fill space. Connect with Jeremy on Linkedin Mission Control Workshop: PS: Don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel Follow us on facebook at TheGyst Weekly. Unscripted and Real

11. The Uncomfortable Waters of Discipline, Responsibility and Will Power
Nov 17 2017 66 mins  
Ask yourself: What do I really want in life? Who do I really want to be? What would it take to create a 100% FUCK YA life? Am I on that path? These are tough questions, yes..! However, if we are not asking these questions, then likely we are not on track to living life as the best versions of ourselves. This episode dives deep into the uncomfortable waters of discipline, responsibility and willpower. What it really takes to create transformation in one’s life. This episode is not about answers, rather it is a conversation and an inquiry in real time with real people who are grappling with these very questions and contexts. SHOW NOTES: This week Graphic Recorder Aaron Russell joins us as we discuss what it takes to create a life filled with joy, aliveness, fun, and impact. How do we create the best versions of ourselves? We share some of the self-imposed roadblocks we allow to take us out. We discuss some powerful resources that help keep us on track as we move through the interesting process of life. We work through our personal discoveries around playing small in life and coping with what isn’t working. On the flip side, we share our experiences with discipline, changing behavior and pushing through discomfort. We talk about our fears and how they’re all made up. This episode is an inquiry into what is possible when we set aside the person we think we are and dive into the world of possibility. Usually, in life, most of us are ready to hang it up when the going gets a little tough and we step into the unknown. This week we are inviting you on a journey with us as we take on self-observation with the intention of discovering areas in life we let ourselves on the hook. What would be possible for us if we were willing to surrender to a process with an unclear end? We if we pushed past discomfort and completely stepped into our full potential? Play with that context as you listen along and pull value from our sharing. Vern McCarty (@vernon.mccarty on instagram @financialmakeoverspecialist) David Schmeikal (@davidschmeikal) Follow us on facebook at The Gyst! Weekly. Unscripted and real.

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