The Pastor's Heart with Dominic Steele

Oct 13 2020 31 mins 118

We share personally, pastorally and professionally about how we can best fulfill Jesus' mission to save the lost and serve the saints. Aussie Christian leaders join Dominic Steele for a deep end conversation about our hearts and different aspects of Christian ministry each Tuesday at 2pm. The discussion is broadcast live on Facebook then available in audio and video on our website, on podcast and on our youtube channel (

When you lose everything: Your license, church building and house!
Jul 03 2018 35 mins  
We are talking about and with the minister who loses it all, when the diocese moves into apostasy, leaving you and your people as faithful followers of Christ Jesus, but without denominational support, stripped of your ministerial license, church building and house. This week we talk to four men and one woman who have been and are in that situation. - From Canada, David Short. - From the US, Chuck Thebeau (and his daughter Rachel) - From Scotland, David McCarthy. - From NZ, Dave Clancey. We start with Canada’s David Short who was the minister of St John’s in Vancouver, who at the time of Gafcon 2008, was in a diocese which were turning their back on Christ, by denying his Lordship and walking away from the scriptures, by adopting a pro-same sex marriage stance. And because of David Short and his congregations' obedience to Jesus, their was no place for him in the traditional structures of the Canadian Anglican Church. I asked David Short about his journey and his heart, starting our thinking back at Gafcon 2008. Rachel Thebeau shares about the impact it had on her as a teenager, watching her dad Chuck lead their church through a courageous stand for Christ Jesus. For Scotland’s David McCarthy the issues are much more current. It was only a month ago that he and his congregation voted to leave the church of Scotland. I caught up with him and asked him about the issues they have been working through. At Gafcon I also caught up with David Clancey from St Saviours Christ Church, New Zealand who is in the process of leading his church through the turbulent waters of their church's general synod decision to bless same sex marriage. David Clancey tells me that the general synod decision feels like a betrayal and has been really hard and sad.

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