The West Wing Thing

Oct 21 2020 71 mins 2.7k

Each week hosts Dave Anthony and Josh Olson watch and then discuss an episode of The West Wing.

5 • 6 Ratings

PK Oct 25 2020
Fantastic revelations

Steve Aug 18 2020
Always interesting and funny.

corkiecork Aug 17 2020
Opened my eyes to just how bad the west wing is and how much damage it has cause. While dome how still been hilarious.

Barbuckle Aug 12 2020
Great podcast. The truth is sad.

Swordchucks May 12 2020
This podcast has absolutely ruined The West Wing for me and I couldn't be happier about that. Highly recommended, even if you've never watched a single episode.

Pasha Bulka May 07 2020
The best West Wing podcast ever made.