You're Dead To Me

Oct 09 2020 44 mins 26.5k

The history podcast for people who don't like history... and those who do. Greg Jenner brings together the best names in comedy and history to learn and laugh about the past.

4.4 • 12 Ratings

Podcast Reviews Sep 29 2020
Well, it was a lovely podcast until 9/29/20 when they added a 10min commercial for some health guru jackass promoting Peloton exercise equipment.

tjandthebeatles Sep 22 2020
I absolutely adore this podcast. Greg Jenner is a fantastic host. I love the banter between the historians and the comedian. It's a fun way to divulge information. I have learned something new in every episode. And it's always a good thing when the episodes I nearly skip end up being the ones I enjoy the most.

bj14klein Sep 17 2020
This episode was very interesting and fun.

Linda NYC Sep 08 2020
Nonsense talk. Don't you have an editor?

Library Dragon Aug 31 2020
Love this podcast. It's the perfect combination of humor and facts!

fendeviper Jul 31 2020
Really fun podcast. Entertaining and informative.

Jon Zajdel Jun 19 2020
If you've wondered why the BBC enjoys a reputation unmatched for intellect and culture, look no further than these wonderful tea-time quiz podcasts. Lively and relaxed fun.

Aguecheek Jun 17 2020
Greg Jenner and guests can bring a topic to life in short episodes which are hilarious and fascinating. My personal favorite is the Spartan episode - looking forward to the rest!

bisspatervader May 05 2020
I've always had this adoration for mary Shelley and now I love her even more!

poddog Apr 29 2020
This podcast is great fun, but you will learn a lot too. It sells itself short! - it's not only for people who don't like history! Such a shame that the second series was cut short by the lockdown - looking forward to its return soon 🙃

A. Elisabet Apr 14 2020
History told in a way that makes you actually remember it! It's not just about the same old rich white men, but about rich African emperors, rebellious women, phenomena that affected the lower classes - oh, and chocolate. Chocolate is important.

Gasolgrill Apr 13 2020
Very interresting om popular history