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Dec 18 2020 24 mins 27

Stories of learning in and out of school, and interviews with teachers, students, and school leaders. Artwork by the inimitable Enrique "Chikle" Lugo

S2E1 - "Who is centered, and who is this costing?" - How Julie Ruble talks about race and sexuality in class
Jul 27 2020 53 mins  
Full episode transcript here Notes and references: Part 1: First Aid (starts 7:15) 10:57 The GLSEN activity about using "gay" as an insult is here 14:49 Julie uses this video from Jay Smooth to help students understand why not to use the n-word 20:54 The book Jean is reading is We Want to Do More Than Survive: Abolitionist Teaching and the Pursuit of Educational Freedom by Bettina Love Part 2: Design and Planning (21:30) 22:04 The person who gave Julie the idea to start from data is Ayo Heinegg Magwood. Follow her on Twitter at @UprootingInequi 22:54 The teacher who shares data about the Cross-Bronx Expressway is Edrick Macalaguim. Follow him on Twitter at @EdrickMac 24:38 The article Julie reads with her students Philando Castile is here 28:40 Julie worked with Nuvia Ruland to create the Social Justice Project Think Tank as a tool for project design 29:14 Here are the Stanford D. School Liberatory Design Cards 29:24 Ana de Almeida Amaral and Izadora McGawley, co-founders of High Tech High Chula Vista’s Ethnic Studies program, created this Culturally Responsive Project Tuning protocol 32:36 Read more about the poet Natasha Hooper here 38:35 The book Julie’s reading is Not Light but Fire by Matthew R. Kay 39:41 The University of Michigan activity about identities is the Social Identity Wheel 42:57 You should read the comment piece that High Tech High Chula Vista Ethnic Studies co-founder Ana de Almeida Amaral wrote for the San Diego Union Tribune 47:28 To find out more about student consulting, read For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood (And the Rest of Y’All Too) by Chris Emdin, and Engaging Students as Partners in Learning and Teaching by Alison Cook-Sather, Catherine Bovill, and Peter Felten 50:10 The book Julie’s talking about is The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander Part 3: The Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) (43:50) 43:51 GLSEN has great resources for starting your own GSA here 51:46 Follow Julie on twitter at @julieruble 52:12 Follow Zaretta Hammond (@readyforrigor) and Cornelius Minor (@MisterMinor) on twitter You can find all our podcasts, videos, articles, and "project essentials" toolkits at High Tech High Unboxed. If you have ideas for stories, get in touch with Alec on Twitter: @alecpatton

S1E6 - Groundwork: Middle School Principal Joe Truss Tackles White Supremacy
Oct 03 2019 56 mins  
Table of Contents: Who Joe Truss is & why we're talking to him (0:37) White Supremacy Culture, defined (1:02) White Fragility, defined (1:44) Growing up in the Tenderloin (2:24) Why Joe was academically successful when most of his friends weren't (3:57) Tracked classes and White Supremacy Culture (5:52) How writing is taught and White Supremacy Culture (6:29) Reading: For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood... and the Rest of Y'all Too: Reality Pedagogy and Urban Education by Chris Emdin, and We Want to Do More Than Survive: Abolitionist Teaching and the Pursuit of Educational Freedom by Bettina Love (8:16) Joe's initial approach to teaching: "social justice wrapped in white supremacy culture" (9:41) Joe's journey to transform his school's practice begins (14:00) Reading: Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain by Zaretta Hammond (14:31)0 The year of tackling White Supremacy Culture begins with "Brave Norms" (14:54) Joe describes the staff's first day back from summer break (15:28) Reading: “Safe Spaces to Brave Spaces: A New Way to Frame Dialogue Around Diversity and Social Justice” by Brian Arao and Kristi Clemens, from "The Art of Effective Facilitation: Reflections from Social Justice Educators" (16:02) How Joe would prompt first-day discussion differently if he did it today (21:52) What happened after that first day back, for Joe and for the school (25:17) Joe's mentors and how he found them (27:19) Reading: Dismantling Racism: A Workbook for Social Change Groups by Kenneth Jones and Tema Okun (29:59) Joe introduces "White Supremacy Culture" and "White Fragility" to the staff in December (32:36) Getting into the risks to Joe's own position of tackling this (37:16) What happened next: January (47:35) Connecting White Supremacy Culture to School Discipline (49:42) What Joe's doing with his staff this year to build on last year (52:01) Joe's long term goals for the school (55:30) More about Joe Truss Check out Joe’s website, and follow him on Twitter here: @TrussLeadership. Joe is leading a full day workshop on Dismantling White Supremacy Culture coming up on Saturday, November 2nd. Details can be found on the site. And one final shout-out... The English headteacher who told me the line about “what happens on a wet Wednesday afternoon” is Andy Raymer, now-retired headteacher at Matthew Moss high school in Rochdale. This podcast is powered by Pinecast.

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pym Oct 07 2020
Amazing episode