AlzAuthors Untangling Alzheimer's & Dementia

Nov 16 2020 36 mins

AlzAuthors is the global community of 250+ authors writing about Alzheimer’s and dementia from their personal experience to light the way for others currently on this path. Hosted by Marianne Sciucco, the AlzAuthors podcast features a new author each week who shares their personal story to help those living with the disease, or who are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

EPISODE 3 Untangling Caring for a Mom in a Care Home: Loretta Woodward Veney
Nov 16 2020 36 mins  
When her beloved mother, Doris, was diagnosed with dementia in 2006, Loretta Woodward Veney began learning everything she could about the disease and hoped to share that information so others could be more prepared than she was for this devastating diagnosis. In 2013, that hope turned into Loretta's first book, "Being My Mom’s Mom: A Journey Through Dementia from a Daughter’s Perspective," which highlights the first six years of the family's dementia journey. This book was recently updated to include the second half of her family’s dementia journey.Loretta is a trainer, author, and motivational speaker. She’s a 35-year security management professional who spent the first 15 years of her career managing security personnel before starting her own training company offering topics including security management and operations, leadership, conflict resolution and communication skills. By mid- 2013, Loretta began receiving requests for presentations on her caregiver experience, and since that time has given more than 275 presentations and keynote addresses.Loretta and her family’s story have been featured in a PBS special called "Alzheimer’s: The Caregiver’s Perspective," and in articles in the Washington Post, the New York Times, and AARP’s feature page on caregivers. She was selected as the 2019 Trailblazer of the Year by Johns Hopkins Medicine. She has also authored a coloring book for seniors entitled "Colors Flowing from My Mind," and an inspirational photo book entitled "Refreshment for the Caregiver’s Spirit."Start reading "Being My Mom’s Mom: A Journey Through Dementia from a Daughter’s Perspective": with Loretta VeneyTwitter: Life Blog: https://lwveney.wordpress.comWebsite:

EPISODE 2 Untangling Life with a Husband with Mild Cognitive Impairment: Gincy Heins
Nov 09 2020 58 mins  
Gincy Heins became caregiver to her husband at the age of 49 when he was diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment, also known as MCI, a neurological condition that causes a slight but noticeable and measurable decline in cognitive abilities. Memory and thinking skills are primarily affected, and there is a very real possibility of future Alzheimer’s or other dementia. At the time, he was just 55. At first disbelieving that such a diagnosis could befall them so early in life, Gincy set out to learn all she could about the condition and sought support through her local Alzheimer’s Association. She soon became the expert on her husband’s diagnosis and began advocacy work to help others on the dementia journey. This included creating and publishing the book "Before the Diagnosis: Stories of Life and Love Before Dementia" and becoming one of the co-authors of the series "365 Caregiving Tips: Practical Tips from Everyday Caregivers." She is also an AlzAuthors Associate, volunteering her time and skills as an acquisitions editor and producer of helpful, hopeful videos for caregivers.In addition, Gincy is an advocate for a full, enriched life and keeps busy with a variety of activities and interests. She teaches classes for older adults at a community college, is a Senior Commissioner for Cypress, CA, speaks at conferences and on panel discussions, and volunteers at her public library and with Alzheimer’s Orange County. Gincy is a vibrant, uplifting speaker with a hopeful message and a smart approach to life with cognitive difficulties. In this episode we discuss how she and her husband grew to accept a diagnosis that typically affects older people, and the power of positivity and active engagement in the face of MCI. Purchase "Before the Diagnosis: Stories of Life and Love Before Dementia" "365 Caregiving Tips: Practical Tips from Everyday Caregivers" Gincy's post on AlzAuthors: Gincy on social media:Instagram:

EPISODE 1 Untangling Living with Young-Onset Alzheimer's: Wendy Mitchell
Nov 02 2020 37 mins  
Wendy Mitchell was diagnosed with young-onset Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia in 2014 at the age of 58. At the time she worked for Britain’s National Health Service as a non-clinical team leader. Her diagnosis led to an early retirement. Post diagnosis, she was shocked by the lack of awareness surrounding young-onset dementia in both the community and the clinical world, and started a blog, Which Me Am I Today? to document and share her dementia journey. This led to her travelling around the country as a respected speaker, raising awareness and encouraging others to embrace her passion for research. She eventually published a memoir, Somebody I Used to Know, with the help of author and journalist Anna Wharton, which became a national bestseller. Reviewers call it “Revelatory” (The Guardian), “A Miracle” (Telegraph), and “A Landmark Book” (Financial Times). She is the recipient of two honorary doctorates ( Hull University, “Doctor of the University” and Bradford University, “Honorary Degree of Doctor of Health”) and playfully refers to herself as “Doctor Doctor Wendy Mitchell.” Purchase Somebody I Used to Know on Amazon How Do You Write a Memoir When You Can’t Remember? By Wendy Mitchell & Anne Wharton, published in Granta Mitchell on Me Am I Today? I Used to Know Video of Hope Wendy on Twitter

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